Roundup: June 20-26, 2015


Wanderings on the Internet

Writing Update

  • I hit a major plot point in The Search last week that bears more thinking about, so it’s percolating in my subconscious for a week or so. I turned my attentions to a couple of calls for submissions I’ve been meaning to write for instead:
    • I wrote a 4k word short story this week called “The Adviser and the Diplomat” about to trans* political dynamos causing a lot of political upheaval as a matter of personal survival.
    • I planned out a sci fi story for another call that will feature redwood trees very prominently. I think it will be super cool. Stay tuned for that one! Once it’s in the bag I’ll go back to The Search.

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Real Monsters - B R Sanders

My short story, “Real Monsters” is now available for purchase on Amazon for $.99, but is available for free to those who subscribe to my Author Newsletter! Story blurb is below:

Scylla and Charybdis are sea monsters, but they didn’t start that way. In “Real Monsters,” Scylla tells her story. In Scylla’s version of events, what lies between Scylla and Charybdis is not death and destruction but a radical and vibrant love story. “Real Monsters” uses Greek myth to interrogate what some conceive of as monstrous forms of love.