I have SUCH NEWS for you! I shall give to you in list form, because I think in lists. Do you think in lists?
  • The Patreon Novella will be released on Friday, Tuesday 7, 2017. This date is firm. This date is in my planner. Anyone at the $5 and above level will have their novella on that date in ebook form.
  • As a reminder, the title is In The Company of Strangers and features Sorcha and Shayat from my novel, ARIAH.
  • The novella takes places in the city of Ma-Halad, on the edge of the Qin Empire and the Droma grasslands. I have recently spent a lot of time looking at photos of wheat fields on the internet. A truly shocking number feature brides, grooms, and dogs.

Ink & Locket WARRIOR Anthology Fully Funded!

Ink & Locket’s Warrior anthology, which is full of queer representation in speculative fiction, has been fully funded through kickstarter supporters! You should really check out what the folks over at Ink & Locket are doing with the extra money, it’s really wonderful, heartwarming stuff. 

Also, if you’re a writer, I’d encourage you to keep an eye on their calls for submissions page. Their editing process is lovely. Being part of this anthology has been such a wonderful experience!

Twine Story Creation

I’m in the midst of a lot of revisions these days. I’m revising the upcoming Patreon novella, I’m putting the finishing touches on a couple of short stories to send out (or back out, as the case may be), and I’ve picked up an interactive fiction piece that I had to table for awhile.

Tabling it was as much a matter of needing some distance from it as it was an issue of resources and capacity:

  • I find working on interactive fiction to be more fiddly and labor intensive than writing just regular not-interactive fiction, and until I recently changed jobs, I didn’t have the brain space for it
  • I’ve been doing all my writing lately on an ipad with a Bluetooth keyboard*, which works pretty well for composing and revising and blogging, but is not actually so compatible with interactive fiction software

But! I managed to scrape together enough cash to buy the family a new laptop (which I can also use to write IF on sometimes!). Over Christmas, I pulled out this game, and dusted it off. Got a little more agile with my coding.

I really enjoy writing IF. I like giving the player the ability to shape the direction of the narrative and see the fruits or consequences of those actions.

The image above is for the piece I am working on now, a game called Amplified. I’ve been adding a lot of logic loops and assigned more states and values to this version than the previous version so that the things the player does–did you read that brochure?–actually do have downstream consequences in the playthrough. 

Unsurprisingly, one thing I like about building games is that it forces me to really think about what I like most in a gaming experience myself. What do I value? What sticks with me? What leave me feeling hollow? These are so similar to the same questions that I ask about writing non-interactive fiction: how do I write the kinds of things that resonate with me so that other people like me can find it?

Are any 0f you working in twine? Want to nerd out and trade tips? Let me know!

ARIAH Novella Coming in January for Patreon Subscribers!

Hi friends!

This is a quick note to let you know that an Aerdh novella is still coming, but I’m pushing back the drop date a month. Instead of getting your novella by December 31st, 2016, you shall have it on January 31st 2017.

My apologies for the delay! I’d rather take the extra time and make sure the novella is solid and polished than rush it and get you something unfinished and haphazard. But please know it is in the works. 

To tide you over, let me tell you what I’m working on:

About the novella:

  • The novella is titled In The Company of Strangers.
  • The main characters are Sorcha and Shayat.
  • It takes place after “A Matter of Circumstance” and before the end of Ariah.
  • It is the precursor to a second novel focusing on Sorcha and Shayat’s search for Ariah during Ariah’s time with the Droma nomad.

As always, thank you for your support. And this time, thank you for your patience, as well! The novella will be available to Patreon subscribers at the $5 level and up.

Kickstarter for Ink & Locket’s WARRIOR antho!


I am super excited to post this! My short story, “Things We’ll Never Know”, is included in Ink & Locket‘s Warrior anthology. The Warrior anthology includes YA stories where the heroes–the warriors–are QUILTBAG people. Here are three reasons why you should fund this kickstarterkickstarter:

Reason the First:#OwnVoices
There are so many queer and trans stories here written by queer and trans authors!* If you’re looking for representation, or if you know young ones looking for speculative fiction where they are the heroes, then this is the book to pick up. And right in time for the holidays.

Reason the Second: Kickstarter Rewards!!
If you’re buying the book for yourself, there are funding levels to gain extra content!

Or, you can donate the book!

Or, you can buy the book and get editing and reviews on your work!

Reason the Third: My Story Is Cool, I Promise
What would you do if an alien hologram appeared in your living room and spoke to you? What if it told you it came in peace? Would you believe it? Would you mistrust it? “Things We’ll Never Know” is the story of first contact, one family, and the questions that linger after the dust settles. My story features a trans woman heroine and is set in Denver, CO.


*Mine is #ownvoices for some elements of it, but not others.


New articles up at Romper!

Two more articles up at Romper! I guess now as good a time as any to officially announce that I am a features writer over there.

One is about parenting while poly – the good, the bad, and the hard parts of that experience.

The other article is what happened when I spent a week engaging in mindful parenting.

Hope you enjoy them!

The Wake of 11/8/2016

Our president-elect is Donald Trump, and that is a terrifying thing.

It’s terrifying for a lot of reasons. It’s terrifying because in the same election that voted him into office, we as a country kept the republicans in control of the Senate, thereby empowering him to make a great deal of policy changes. Should Clinton have been elected, she would have been hamstrung–but Trump is set free.

It’s terrifying because for so many of us it confirms what we already knew about the county and the world we live in. That we are hated. That we are wished away. That those in power and those with privilege will hold onto it tightly, viciously, with every scrap of strength they have.

It’s terrifying because as much as Donald Trump was treated as a joke by the left and by commentators this was a very real possibility and actually quite predictable. After eight years of a Black president, what do we as a country do? We repeal the Voting Rights Act. This is what an election looks like when Black voters are once again systemically disenfranchised. In a parallel universe, where the VRA is still in place, I bet Clinton won. We pushed ourselves into the darkest timeline. Dear fellow white people: this is a bed of our own making, even if we did vote for Clinton in one-offs.

The truth is that I voted for Clinton, but I wasn’t happy about it. My choice was between a man who outright villified me because I am queer and trans and disabled or a women who codes those various hates in different kinds of language, who hides them, who smooths off the rough edges. I disliked Clinton, but I was terrified of Trump. Clinton could, at least, stymie the republican controlled Senate, maybe?

Ultimately the election didn’t even come down to actual policy. The only issues on the table were the supposed estrangement of white men from politics (which is just bald-faced racism) and the fact that Hilary is a woman. Really, it came down to the backlash against the fact that our previous president is Black and one of the nominees is a woman. White people in this country revolted–went out of their way to rig an election, to make sure that they were the ones voting, and went out of their way to vote in a man who it seems like will continue to keep white supremacy front and center. Tell me again how we live in a post-racial society.

It is a struggle to know how to live now with all of our skeletons spilling out of the closet. at FiveThirtyEight.com, Nate Silver wrote:


Something to remember: Whatever your feelings about the state of the country right now, it’s fundamentally not that different a place whether the final call is that Clinton has narrowly won or narrowly lost. Add just 1 percent to Clinton’s vote share and take 1 percent away from Trump’s, and she would have won Florida and Pennsylvania, therefore would probably have been on her way to a narrow Electoral College victory.

And that’s the most horrifying part. I think he is trying to write something comforting here, but it’s actually horrifying. Yes. America is not fundamentally different depending on whichever candidate won. We are a deeply, horribly divided country filled with bile and hate for ourselves.

This is not the fault of those who cannot or would not vote. This is not the fault of those who voted third party. This is the fault of those who voted for Trump–the fault of millions and millions of people if every single state who voted for Trump. Do not place the blame anywhere but squarely at their feet, and the feet of those, like the Supreme Court who repealed the VRA, who helped enable this shit show.

If you, like me, are reeling today, show yourself kindness. Do what you need to survive. Survival is payback. Survival is revolutionary.