Articles About Books & Writing

Sanders, B.R. “Sirens Guest of Honor Interview: Zoraida Cordova.” Sirens. July 2017. 

Sanders, B. R. “You Wrote a Book; Now What?” On Writing. May, 2016. 

Sanders, B R. “The Future of Advertising.” F.W. Fife. October, 2015. 

Sanders, B. R. “My Stories Will Be Intersectional Or They Won’t Be Worth Writing.” SC Writes. October, 2015.

Sanders, B R. “5 Labor Leaders in Sci-Fi and Fantasy.” Blog Z. September, 2015.

Sanders, B R. “Bad Publicity Fan Ficlets.” Blog Z. August, 2015.

Sanders, B R. “Side-Stepping the Triangle: Why I Write Non-Monogamous Characters.” Wordwraith Books. August, 2015.

Sanders, B. R. “Diversity in Secondary Fantasy.” Inkblots from the Inkstained Succubus. August, 2015.

Sanders, B. R. “How Reviewing Books Made Me a Better Writer.” Blog Z. July, 2015.

Sanders, B R. “Books Saved My Life.” Blog Z. June, 2015.

Sanders, B R. “Worldbuilding Families.” The Novel Approach. May, 2015. 

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