Where and How to Nominate Me For Things: The 2017 Edition

It’s the most awkward season of the year: awards season. One thing that is true is that for marginalized writers throwing one’s hat in the ring and saying, “hey! I wrote A Thing of Quality! It’s worth consideration for awards!” is actually a political act. Our narratives are not default narratives. Our narratives are considered unrealistic, inconvenient, and unrelatable. It makes us live a lifetime of various shades of imposter syndrome. It makes it hard to write these kinds of posts.

I’m writing one anyway. Here goes. Also, want to nominate me, but haven’t read something listed here? Email me. I’ll probably send you what you’re looking for gratis.


EXTRACTION, published with The Kraken Collective in November 2017, is eligible for the following:


In The Company of Strangers

Short Fiction

“The Music of the Spheres”
“On the Market”