I’m doing NaNo!


And I’ll be posting updates here. It’s a modified NaNo. I’m shooting for 50k brand new words, but not all on one project. Here’s what I’m working towards:

  • ~20k words on The Poet’s Return, which is December’s Patreon release
  • ~20k words on The King and his Makers, the third book in the Tale of Rebellion series (the last third really needs a rewrite).
  • ~10k words on a proof-of-concept story for a new secondary world universe that I’m tentatively calling the Soulbroker universe.

Are you all doing NaNo? Want to buddy up? You can find my NaNo profile here! Ping me on the site, and I’ll be your buddy! Otherwise, you can follow my trials and tribulations over on Patreon (all NaNo updates will be free content; you will be able to access them without a subscription).