“On The Market” – Cover Reveal and Release Date!


Look at that! “On the Market” has a cover! Annnnnd it has a release date–next Sunday, this short story will be available to Patreon subscribers at the $1 level and up!

Here’s the Official Blurb:

Liro is stymied by a painting that could make or break his nascent artistic career. Shai is a runaway, come to the City of Mages looking for solace, and finding it only in the drug dens. When their paths cross, the moment changes both their lives.

(That was really hard to write. I hate writing blurbs. For what it’s worth, what I wanted to write was ‘Hey, read this, it’s about two queer mixed-race dudes dealing with self-acceptance and addiction. Also…um, trigger warning for addiction.’)

For those of you wondering, that is the same Liro from ARIAH (but quite a bit younger). This story is set in the City of Mages and is just under 6k words. Oh! Also, it has a Goodreads page here.