Patreon 2.0

Hi friends! I’ve done some thinking, and it’s time to revamp this Patreon. Not drastically – this is still a venue for exclusive Aerdh-focused fiction – but enough that I hope it will create a more consistent output from me, and therefore yield more consistent rewards for you all. As such, here are the revised subscriber levels, goals, and a draft release schedule through the end of this year.*

You can see this year’s release schedule by subscriber level above. Leave me a comment if you have any thoughts or questions!

2017 Release Schedule


Subscriber Levels and Rewards

If you are a current subscriber, you may need to take a close look at these new levels and make sure that you are still happy with your current level.

$1 – Short and Sweet

  • Access to all unpaid update posts
  • Access to new, previously unreleased short stories (below 10,000 words) set in the Aerdh universe
    • These will be exclusive to Patreon subscribers for one calendar year before having a wider retail release.

$2 – Slim Volumes All

  • All $1 rewards plus:
  • Access to any new, previously unreleased novellas (between 10,000 and 30,000 words) set in the Aerdh universe
    • These will be exclusive to Patreon subscribers for one calendar year before having a wider retail release.

$4 – Word Hoarder

  • All $1 rewards, all $2 rewards plus:
  • Early and automatic access to all novel releases (ebook formats only)
    • Includes both Aerdh novels and any non-Aerdh novels
    • Subscriber price is lower than ebook retail price
    • Patreon access will be 2 weeks to one month earlier than retail access to ebooks

$6 – Completionist (limit of 5 subscribers per calendar year)

  • All $1 rewards, $2 rewards, $4 rewards plus:
  • Signed paperback edition of all novel releases
  • Choice of 1 project of 10k word scope (commission or edit)

Patreon Goals

$100 – Monthly AMAs

Do you have questions about writing? Publishing? Character arcs in Aerdh? Worldbuilding in Aerdh? Life in general? If I get to this goal level, then I will unlock a monthly AMA session, hosted on Google hangouts, where Patreon subscribers can ask me anything they want.

$200 – Serial Monthly Content

Here’s an idea I’ve been playing around with: serialized monthly fiction delivered to your email inbox like clockwork! I’ve got a few different narratives I think it could work for, but I definitely need some additional start up funds to make it work (for cover art, copy edits, etc), so this is a stretch goal for now.

Other Things of Note

I’m going to start placing last year’s rewards/releases up for retail as they hit the one-year mark, and I’m going to make that a standard practice from here on out as I’ve gotten some requests for access to materials released through Patreon from people without access to it. A delayed release schedule like that seems the fairest way to both meet that need and honor you lovely people who have subscribed here, but please let me know if there’s an angle I’ve missed by doing this.

I’m making a concerted effort to keep my blog, Patreon, and newsletter all relatively aligned, which means they are somewhat duplicative. I’m not sure how many of you are subscribed to my newsletter, but that is where I typically let folks know about new releases. Random thoughts go on the blog. Free Patreon posts always get cross-posted on both the blog and the newsletter.


*I have much of 2018 sketched out, too, but that is pretty far down the line, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves.