Twine Story Creation

I’m in the midst of a lot of revisions these days. I’m revising the upcoming Patreon novella, I’m putting the finishing touches on a couple of short stories to send out (or back out, as the case may be), and I’ve picked up an interactive fiction piece that I had to table for awhile.

Tabling it was as much a matter of needing some distance from it as it was an issue of resources and capacity:

  • I find working on interactive fiction to be more fiddly and labor intensive than writing just regular not-interactive fiction, and until I recently changed jobs, I didn’t have the brain space for it
  • I’ve been doing all my writing lately on an ipad with a Bluetooth keyboard*, which works pretty well for composing and revising and blogging, but is not actually so compatible with interactive fiction software

But! I managed to scrape together enough cash to buy the family a new laptop (which I can also use to write IF on sometimes!). Over Christmas, I pulled out this game, and dusted it off. Got a little more agile with my coding.

I really enjoy writing IF. I like giving the player the ability to shape the direction of the narrative and see the fruits or consequences of those actions.

The image above is for the piece I am working on now, a game called Amplified. I’ve been adding a lot of logic loops and assigned more states and values to this version than the previous version so that the things the player does–did you read that brochure?–actually do have downstream consequences in the playthrough. 

Unsurprisingly, one thing I like about building games is that it forces me to really think about what I like most in a gaming experience myself. What do I value? What sticks with me? What leave me feeling hollow? These are so similar to the same questions that I ask about writing non-interactive fiction: how do I write the kinds of things that resonate with me so that other people like me can find it?

Are any 0f you working in twine? Want to nerd out and trade tips? Let me know!