Kickstarter for Ink & Locket’s WARRIOR antho!


I am super excited to post this! My short story, “Things We’ll Never Know”, is included in Ink & Locket‘s Warrior anthology. The Warrior anthology includes YA stories where the heroes–the warriors–are QUILTBAG people. Here are three reasons why you should fund this kickstarterkickstarter:

Reason the First:#OwnVoices
There are so many queer and trans stories here written by queer and trans authors!* If you’re looking for representation, or if you know young ones looking for speculative fiction where they are the heroes, then this is the book to pick up. And right in time for the holidays.

Reason the Second: Kickstarter Rewards!!
If you’re buying the book for yourself, there are funding levels to gain extra content!

Or, you can donate the book!

Or, you can buy the book and get editing and reviews on your work!

Reason the Third: My Story Is Cool, I Promise
What would you do if an alien hologram appeared in your living room and spoke to you? What if it told you it came in peace? Would you believe it? Would you mistrust it? “Things We’ll Never Know” is the story of first contact, one family, and the questions that linger after the dust settles. My story features a trans woman heroine and is set in Denver, CO.


*Mine is #ownvoices for some elements of it, but not others.