NaNo 2016 – It’s Happening


Hey friends!

I am all in for NaNo 2016.

So, I just started a new job, one with remarkably more work/life balance, which means remarkably more time for writing. This entire year has basically been a writing drought from the time I shattered my leg waaaaay back in February until, hopefully, now. I’ve managed to eke out two shorts and keep ARIAH on the market, but that’s been it for ten whole months. Typically I’ve written entire novels in this span of time. It’s been…unpleasant.

But I think life is turning around now, and not a moment too soon. Patreon supporters at the $5 and up level are promised a novella by the end of the calendar year, and I’ve had one rattling around in my brain for a very long time.

I’m not shooting for the whole 50k words–I’m out of writing shape, and this is a novella anyway. So winning for me will be a cool 30,000. The novella is tentatively titled The Ballad of Bettie Frass. Here’s a short description:

Bettie Frass is a legend and a cipher. Her exploits are legendary, but who was she, and how did she manage to do what she did–and how did she disappear?

In any case, I’ll be posting about my progress here (and my various minor successes and tribulations along the way). And if you want to follow along with me on the Nano site, or if you want to be my ~official writing buddy~, you can check that out here.