Announcement: I’ll be presenting at Sirens Conference again this year!

The full 2016 Sirens Con schedule is here!

I’ll be taking a much-needed break from my day job to attend the whole conference, which is right in my backyard here in Denver, and the pre-conference Sirens Studio events. So, if you’re around for the conference or the Sirens Studio, I’d love to see you! Drop me a line, ok?

Back to my presentation. I am presenting a worlbuilding workshop on Friday, October 21st at 4pm. Here’s the blurb:

What counts as sex? What counts as love? Who is allowed to do what to whom and why? What happens when rules are broken? When you are worldbuilding, these questions can become murky and complicated very quickly. In this workshop, we will explore how using themes of romance, sex, love, queerness, and marriage can deeply inform worldbuilding in speculative fiction.

Hope to see you there, fellow worldbuilding nerds!