Goal Update: January

Trying something a little more structured this year! My year long goals are here for reference. To recap, here are the plans I had for this month:

  • Finish edits on Extraction and turn in polished second draft to press
  • Write a short story
  • Blog on schedule


Edits are very extremely nearly done! Probably by the end of this week I’ll be able to tie up those last loose ends and send it to my editor. On track!

I also am very, very tempted to go on a close reread of everything canon in the Aerdh universe right now, as I’m migrating all my universe worldbuilding notes to Evernote. I have a tendency to do this every couple of years. It happens usually when I close-edit a big project (like this), and then the editing madness comes upon me, and then I feel compelled to make sure everything fits. I am currently trying to decide if this is necessary or not.

Short Story
I have two very fleshed out ideas, one of which is in active progress and probably will be drafted by the end of the months. On track!

Off to a rocky start, there, at the beginning of the month, but we’re back on track!