Goals for 2016


Under Contract
Extraction (A Tale of Rebellion, Book 1)
Top priority. First draft is in already! Contract is signed! I need to go over the editor’s comments and do some revisions (as always I have ideas!!). There’s cover art to be discussed. I think there’s a good chance this book will make it to print by December.

The Search
A companion novel to Ariah, the first draft of this one is done. I need to reread it, revise it (I have ideas already!!), and send the draft in to my publisher. Since it’s a sort-of sequel, it’s covered under Ariah’s  contract. Can do this in late February through March-ish.

On Spec
The Analog System
This was my 2015 NaNo project. I don’t have any idea if it will ever see the light of day, or who would publish it, or anything like that. But I’d like to carve time out in early summer to think through revisions on this. I’d expect it to be a burn-it-to-the-ground complete rewrite type thing.

I wrote this novel years ago, back when I was pregnant. I love this book, but it’s a truly strange thing, and it needs a rewrite. I think I’m ready to do it now. A project for next fall, maybe? It’s a book about pregnancy, about the body horror and lack of control that sometimes comes with it, about the power and pressures that pregnant bodies hold. It’s a travel book about a man and a woman who do not fall in love but who are companions. It has carnivorous trees in it. It’s set in the Aerdh universe. Again, no idea if it will ever see the light of day, but fun to work on and polish and think about.

Vilahna (A Tale of Rebellion, Book 4)
This is one I have yet to write. Books 2 and 3* are already drafted. Book 2 has already been drafted twice so far (though, given things that happened in Book 3, the ending needs to be rewritten yet again). But the final volume needs to be written. I am thinking this is a winter project. I have the plot loosely outlined, I know where it’s going, I just need to actually write it.

Short Fiction
Mostly, I want to keep working on short fiction and keep improving the quality of my short fiction. In 2013, I wrote four short stories. In 2014, I wrote six. In 2015, I wrote eight. Short fiction does not come naturally to me. I tend to think and write in long bursts, in novels or sagas, in many thousands of words. But I love short fiction. The brevity of short fiction is so wonderful, and it improves one greatly as a writer–across the board, in all mediums.

In 2016, I’d like to write twelve short stories–a short story a month. And I’d like to keep subbing high. This year I tried consistently to place stories in pro markets. I haven’t done that yet, but I’ve gotten very close a couple of times, which was heartening. But mostly, one improves by doing. So: twelve short stories. One a month.

Patreon & Newsletter
I launched one! I…did that thing I do where I run into a situation half-cocked and maybe didn’t think it through? I need to take a step back and plan out the rewards (likely folding in the story-writing goal above). I can do this. 

In other news, $5 pledgers, I am not sweating the novella at all. It is many-thousands-of-words and I already have several ideas for it.

This is another thing I launched and learned a lot by doing in 2015. Time to think though what’s been working, what hasn’t been, and figure out how to streamline this puppy (and how to get the newsletter and the Patreon and the blog to all go hand-in-hand without being overly redundant).

Content strategy–I will master you.

Various & Sundry Pursuits
As for my various and sundry other writerly pursuits, I would like to do the following in the next year:

  • (Mostly) Continue with the blogging schedule that I developed in 2015
  • Have a review of some kind once a week up on Fridays.
  • Continue reading with a focus on stories featuring marginalized themes/characters and creators from a marginalized/diverse background and/or social position.**
  • Incorporate more guest posts and guest reviews on this blog! The more the merrier!
  • Go to Sirens Con again. Loved it.
  • Continue to pursue nonfiction writing as the mood strikes.


*If you’re interested in tentative titles for the A Tale of Rebellion series, Book 2 is called The Incoming Tide and Book 3 is called The King and his Makers.

**The language here is clunky as shit, I recognize that, but I’m struggling somewhat to articulate that ‘diversity’ is loaded and centers dominant groups. Post to come, most likely.

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