I’m on the Patreon!




What’s Patreon?
It’s crowdfunding, basically–but it little bite-sized pieces. Instead of pledging a lump sum for a large project, you pledge small amounts and get small projects in return, like short stories at regular intervals from me. You become my patron.

Why Patreon?
Patreon is a good model for me because rather than funding one large project–like funding a movie or something–a steady if small stream of income enables me to write MORE fiction FASTER. And that’s good for both you and me!

What Do I Get For Pledging?
It depends on how much you pledge! The rewards are tiered:

  • $1: Get Digital Aerdh Fiction –  short stories and interactive fiction set in the world of Aerdh delivered straight to your inbox!
  • $3: Moar Interactive Fiction – get $1 rewards and interactive fiction set outside the Aerdh universe!
  • $5: Patreon Novella – get $1 and $3 rewards and a completely original novella!
  • $10: I Grant You One Wish – get $1, $3, $5 rewards and you can choose one of these three options (full details on the Patreon page):
    • I’ll write you a short story.
    • I’ll write a blog post about a topic of your choice.
    • I’ll read and developmentally edit a piece of your work.