#NaNoWriMo: Winner’s Circle!


Yes, it’s all true! With about four hours to go to the deadline, I finished The Analog System, validated it at the NaNoWriMo website, and the draft clocked in at 50,311 words.*

Good god, y’all, I can’t believe I pulled this off. I…don’t really know how I pulled this off, actually. But I did! And now I have a very very rough draft of something new to work with!

There are a monstrous amount of revisions to make. The plotting is uneven. The pacing is atrocious. Why did all the cool characters pop up in the last third of the book? Thanks for showing up late to the party, y’all. Cool. The ending needs more emotional heft.

But YOU KNOW WHAT ALL OF THAT IS FOR ANOTHER DAY. Today is just for basking in the glory of having written 50k-and-change words in 30 days.



*Scrivener says the draft is 50,733 words long but who’s counting? (I am. I am so counting.)

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