Disrupting Publishing Linkspam: 10/20/2015

It’s that time again: that time every week where I round up links to articles written by marginalized people pushing back against oppression in publishing. I’m aggregated as many marginalized voices as possible from as many vectors as possible, and the more intersectional the better. As always if you’ve read something I missed please link it in the comments.

“I Sought Solace On My Bookshelf” by Daniel Jose Older for Buzzfeed

On Nov. 19, the night before police killed unarmed Akai Gurley in a Brooklyn stairwell, Daniel Handler made his racist watermelon quip toward Jacqueline Woodson as he presented her with a National Book Award. It was interpersonal anti-blackness that led him to make such a statement. Institutional anti-blackness had his back.

“‘Agendas’ in Fiction” by Kayla Whaley


An Interview with Effie Brown about Project Greenlight

Why did you argue with Damon?

“I had no choice really. I’ve been black and a woman all my life. I have worked in this business for 20 years. I’m 43. It was one of those things. Literally in that moment, was I going to risk public humiliation, bringing up this opinion, or deal with shame and excuses: ‘You let that go by?’ That’s a big responsibility. I was more afraid of my mother: ‘That’s how we raised you and sacrificed, that’s it? When the time was for you to stand and be counted?’ That’s all that went thorough my head: damned if I was going to do that.

“Stories, Culture, and Conversation: An Interview with Roshani Chokshi and Yukimi Ogawa” by Catherine Krahe in Strange Horizons

I remember receiving a rejection that cut my heart to the quick because the editor said she just “didn’t know where the story would live.” And I couldn’t tell whether that referred to the writing and the editor’s belief that it didn’t fit the genre or whether the diverse content made the story a jarring choice compared to the pieces she acquired.