Roundup: September 28-October 4, 2015

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click image to play game

Wanderings on the Internet

  • Free interactive fiction alert! Lullabies and Moss is live and playable! Imagine you’re in a forest. Imagine night is falling. Imagine shit starts getting weird. What choices do you make to survive?
  • Psst…this week is Sirens 2015! If you’re in Denver and you’ll be at the conference, come by! I’ll be talking about worldbuilding on Friday, and I’ll be doing book signings on Friday and Saturday. More info on that is here.
  • Hey! My press is publishing free horror shorts all month long! Keep your eyes peeled, because I’ve got one in the pipeline 🙂
  • All season 2 haikus are up now at the Supernatural Haiku Project tumblr.
  • Also, stayed tuned because there’s a big announcement coming up Wednesday (just FYI).

Writing Update

  • The Search keeps going! I’m definitely in the endzone, and I’ve started making notes about the direction I want the rewrite to go in, but I’ve still got to write this draft to the end. 5k more words this week brings the draft up to 119k words in total.

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