Cover Tour: THE PINE BARRENS by Veronica Dolginko

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Cover artist: Anna Kowalczewska

Hi Veronica! Tell us about the cover of THE PINE BARRENS: what are the elements in the cover, and how do they relate to your book?

The cover is a small snapshot of one character in the book who is working with a rebellion to overthrow a Draconian government. She is used as a tool by the revolution to murder high ranking officials because one of the main agitators saw her kill several people around the city and rather than turn her in, he approached her for help. The cover is showing a moment of her disposing of the bodies, which tend to be the only times that her mind is silent.


Anything else we should know (giveaways, blog tour, do you have a website/twitter/etc)?

No giveaways or anything as of yet. My twitter handle is snark_is_free and I can be found on Facebook (Veronica Dolginko).


About the Book
In a corrupt society that once resembled modern-day San Francisco, an aristocracy comes to power with a different way of running things – that is to say, viciously.  All goods are contraband; brain washing is Sunday’s communal; physical punishment is an occupation; and individuality is a mere presumption.  An uprising is underway, but in its midst is a killer.  Does this bold Dolginko creation embody, in some perverse roundabout fashion, the striving of those masses long deprived of a champion?

While The Pine Barrens’ killer is exploring her identity, Connor, a former convict, is finding his own.  In the midst of trying to understand this new way of life and preserve a modicum of dignity, Connor begins to make an impact on the city’s young revolutionaries.  The older man  shows them that they must know who they are and what they want before they can pursue their aspirations.  Does Connor have the strength to help the revolutionaries find, not only themselves, but find their way to Utopia?  Can the revolutionaries change what is necessary about themselves for the greater good of mankind?

The Pine Barrens is a forthcoming novel by Veronica Dolginko from F.W.Fife, an imprint of The Zharmae Publishing Press.

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