What Works of Mine You Can Nominate And How To Do It

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I’ll just leave this here, just in case anyone happens to be interested.

Actually, hey, if you’ve read my work this year and you were impressed by it, consider nominated it for an award. It’s excruciatingly hard for me to say that, for a lot of reasons1, but I’m just putting that out there.

Nominate me! The links below go to spots where you can nominate these pieces relevant awards (these are open nominations processes). Haven’t read the piece in question? Email me for a free copy. Sharing is caring. Here is what I’m eligible for:

Ariah, published in May 2015 by The Zharmae Publishing Press, is eligible for the following:

Cargo, published in May 2015 by World Castle Publishing, is eligible for the following:

Matters of Scalepublished in April 2015 by Inkstained Succubus Press, is eligible for:

Short fiction:
“The Demiurge,” published in The Wild Ones Quarterly Queer Lit Rag, issue 1, February 2015

“The Scaper’s Muse,” published in Glitterwolf Magazine, issue 9: Gender, July 2015

1It’s excruciatingly hard to just assert that I should/could be nominated for any award or prize or anything like that because I have developed a monster case of Literary Imposter Syndrome. It’s a lot easier to slip into the shadows and go unnoticed than to reach for any sort of brass ring.

I’ve written this post letting all of my insecurities and double-guessing hang out in the strikethroughs because I feel like people should see how marginalized writers self-censor and taken themselves out of the running. How we chop ourselves off at the knees and ankles.

I had to think through how a white cishet man would write this post. Would he hem and haw, or would he just bust in like the Kool-aid man all like NOMINATE ME YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO. I had to channel that bravado to even to do this kind of double-thinky footnote-y version of that.

I originally titled this post, very politely “Works Eligible for Awards in 2015 (Just So You Know).”

3 thoughts on “What Works of Mine You Can Nominate And How To Do It

  1. Thanks for posting this. Cause I didn’t know how to nominate. And I am so gonna vote for Ariah as much as I can.

    And I’m totally gonna copy you and ask the same of my fans.


    • You should!!!! It’s totally awkward to do (maybe you won’t find it awkward, but I did), but I think it should just be status quo. AND ALSO I would find it useful so I can help support you because you’re awesome.

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