Roundup: September 7-13, 2015

Wanderings on the Internet

  • Hey! Do you like interactive stories? Little wee prose games? That’s something I’m exploring now in my newsletters. You can check Book and Scripture, the first Aerdh interactive storylet, here.
  • SIRENS CON IS NIGH! Check it out, I made some swag ^^. If you’re going to be in Denver 10/6-10/11, come by the con and you can get a button!
  • Also, check out the #DiverseFantasyChat that happened on Twitter last night! Excellent and thoughtful convo all around!

Writing Update

  • The Search keeps sprawling. 5k more words were added to the draft this past week, putting the manuscript up over 100k words. Both Sorcha and Shayat made big personal discoveries.
  • I wrote an interactive fantasy/horror story called “Lullabies and Moss” that I’m currently shopping around, too.

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