Roundup: August 24-30, 2015


Wanderings on the Internet

  • Ever wonder what Ariah, Sorcha, and Shayat look like in my head? I popped into the #CastYourMC tag on twitter and fancasted Ariah. I put it all on Storify for the curious among you.
  • Haven’t picked up your copy of Brian C. Baer’s Bad Publicity yet? Maybe my fan fiction will inspire you to grab one!
  • If you are so inclined, browse the Supernatural Haikus.

Writing Update

  • Much progress was made on The Search! While on my merry public chariot, I cranked out an additional 4k words this week, bringing the total thus far to 98k words. Sorcha brimmed with self-discovery, and Shayat strong-armed a pirate king into some social reformations.

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