Roundup: August 10-16, 2015


Wanderings on the Internet

  • Didn’t get a chance to listen to me on Radio Z live? No worries! The episode is recorded for posterity here; listen to it anytime.
  • Weekend twitter chats! Man, I love a good twitter chat.
    • #WO2016 hosted a chat on magic in fantasy. We talked about our favorite books, writing tips, magic systems, etc. Scan through the tag for some really good book recs and more!
    • #WeNeedDiverseBlogs hosted a chat about networking with other book bloggers and finding resources. Soooo many great people to follow!
  • If you are so inclined, browse the Supernatural Haikus.

Writing Update

  • 4,400 more words added to The Search, too, which brings us up to 92K total so far. The end of Draft 1 is in sight, friends–probably 10-15k words away? Will need beta readers soon.

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