Want To Have a Book Reviewed? Now You Can!

Do you have a fabulous indie book out there? Are you looking for reviewers? I’ve been there. I know how that goes. Maybe I can help! I’m officially opening up my doors and offering services as a indie book reviewer. Below is an official book review policy and a form for contacting me with review requests.

Note that requests that follow the review process and which are submitted properly through the request form have the best chance of getting a response back!

B’s Book Review Policy
I’m always open to genre fiction (science fiction and fantasy), diverse literary fiction (protagonists of color, protagonists with disabilities, etc), and queer fiction of any stripe.

I am particularly interested in reading:

  • queer genre fiction
  • trans* narratives
  • neuro-atypical protagonists
  • fabulous secondary world fantasy
  • feminist genre fiction

Won’t read:

  • Middle grade fiction or children’s books
  • Christian fiction

I prefer eARCs or ebooks in Kindle (mobi) or epub formats.

How Does This Work?
BookReviewPolicyRequest A Review

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