Roundup: May 25-31 2015

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click through to purchase!

Obviously, the biggest thing that went down last week was the release of my second novel, Ariah! Beyond the rabid posting on this blog, I made a couple of guest appearances last week:

In case you don’t follow me everywhere all over the internet, here’s what you missed last week:

  • A fresh round of Supernatural Haikus went up on my tumblr.
  • I took a long overdue vacation from everything this week to visit a wonderful dear friend. I slept on her extremely uncomfortable couch, and we spent a week straight watching the Avengers-related Marvel Universe movies/TV shows in in-universe chronological order. I started live-tweeting my reactions somewhere around Iron Man. The tesseract makes so much more sense now…kinda.

Writing Update:

  • What with all the book promotional stuff (all those blog posts to write!) and all that Marvel Universe watching and the relaxing there was not a ton of writing that happened. The Search continues to hover at 50kish words.