ARIAH Countdown: Thank you vodcast

Below is a transcript of the video, very lightly edited for clarity.

Hi everybody, uh, so Ariah gets released tomorrow, and I just wanted to take a moment and thank everybody who helped me get the book to this point. First, thank you to my partners Jon and Sam. This book couldn’t have made it, and it wouldn’t it exist, if I wasn’t with Jon. I wouldn’t be writing fiction if I wasn’t with Jon. [laughs] I didn’t start writing fiction except that Jon was writing fiction. So, Ariah wouldn’t exist if it hadn’t been for him. So, thank you to Jon. And thank you to Sam who was alway a stalwart supporter of me writing fiction and who always pushed me to make it–to express more marginalized voices and to call out oppression and social justice and make it queerer and better and stronger in my fiction. So, thank you to Sam.

I also want to say thank you to my ex-partner, Hunter, who was a huge force in getting me to put my fiction out there. Before I was with her I was mostly just letting my close friends and partners read my fiction. I wasn’t at a point yet where I was ready to put it out there for other people to read it. So she was a huge part of getting me to a point where I felt comfortable submitting my fiction for publication. So, thank you to Hunter.

I also want to say thank to my in-laws, Jon’s parents, Richard and Heather Seid, especially Heather Seid who has been a big avid reader since ever of my fiction.

I want to say thank you to all of my queer and trans* friends and all the queer and trans* people who have been out there living lives since well before I was out. Without you I wouldn’t be living my life and this book wouldn’t be written the way it would be. So thank you to all of you.

I want to say thank you to the writers who have inspired me–namely Ursula K. Le Guin is a big influence of mine, Nnedi Okorafor, Octavia Butler, Margaret Atwood is another one, China Mieville because any writer was a reader first. That’s definitely true in my case. And I continue to be a big reader.

Thank you to the fine people at The Zharmae Publishing Press, specifically Love, Sex and Merlot, my imprint, at The Zharmae Prublishing Press. Thanks to Sara Bangs who took on my book and who is a fine editor who definitely made it stronger and who shepherded the book all the way through. And thanks to Travis Grundy who took a chance on my book.

Thanks to all of those people and many many more. without you this wouldn’t be possible.

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