New Pub: “Beneath the Dane Hills” in HYACINTH NOIR


Hi friends! I’ve excited to announce that one of my short stories has been included in Hyacinth Noir’s 2014 Imbolc issue. You can read the story in its entirety for FREE here:

“Beneath the Dane Hills” is my first piece of contemporary spec fic. Unlike the bulk of my writing, “Beneath the Dane Hills” happens in this world at this time. I wrote this story specifically to Hyacinth Noir’s calls for submission for the Imbolc issue which asked for queered faery tale.

I poked around the internet refamiliarizing myself with Celtic myths. I stumbled on the mythic figure of Black Annis, a sort of evil witch/bogeyman. I wanted her reimagined. I wanted her to speak for herself—maybe she wasn’t the bad guy after all.

This story is a queered faery tale, but its story is as seeped in race and class as it is in sexuality. Pooja, the main character, basically wrote herself. She came to me more or less fully formed.

Please check out my story and the rest of the wonderful 2014 Imbolc issue over at Hyacinth Noir’s website. Thank you to the lovely folks over at Hyacinth Noir for putting forth an inspiring call for submission and taking the time to consider my story!