Beta Readers! Here are some projects for you!

Below are summaries of the projects for which I’m currently looking for beta readers. All this info can also be found on the beta readers tab up there at the top of the page.

Ariah has never quite known who he is. He is an elvish man at the mercy of his magical talents: a mimic and a shaper. He is a man who speaks in others’ voices, who feels others’ emotions as keenly as his own. For Ariah, the line where he ends and others begin has always been murky.

When his teacher, Dirva, receives an unexpected visitor, Ariah’s magical training comes to a screeching halt. Ariah follows Dirva across borders to a city where there is no one to help him marshal his gifts. Ariah meets Dirva’s brother, Sorcha, a man who will change Ariah’s life forever. The thread of Ariah’s life weaves high and low: he meets queens, works in factories, is nearly killed by bandits in a desert, and sails the southern seas with pirates. Ariah finds love, loses it, and finds it again. Along the way Ariah gains mastery of his magic. He discovers what kind of man he wants to be, and what kind of man he is.

Set in the unique and finely realized fantasy universe of Aerdh, ARIAH is a completed fantasy novel 128,000 words in length. Ariah’s is a story of a young man’s journey to reconcile his heart, his talents, and his beliefs with a world that is sometimes hostile. Ariah’s story is about the ways we surrender and the ways we fight to survive. It is a tale of love found in unexpected places and in unexpected ways.

No one ever told Shilla about the drive, or about pregnancy, or about the Magi birthright. No one ever told Shilla much about anything. But the drive comes anyway, and Shilla finds herself pregnant with no idea what to expect or how to handle it. Her ignorance is damning and terrifying. All she knows is that the child must be born, and that she must travel far north into the Magi homeland to bring it into the world.

Circumstances force her to travel with the child’s father, a mage burdened by secrets he refuses to share with her. As the child grows within her, Shilla’s magic becomes weaker and weaker, but she pushes on, and drags the baby’s father with her. As the months slink by, Shilla finds herself compelled to keep going, determined to get to the homeland, and burning with resentment that she’s in the situation to begin with. Her body becomes increasingly foreign to her, she finds herself in stranger and stranger lands, and Shilla must look inward for the strength to make it through the pregnancy alive and sane.

Set in the world of Aerdh, a universe of wily and wary magic, MAGE-BORN is a completed fantasy novel 77,000 words in length. MAGE-BORN explores the isolating intimacy and terrible strangeness of pregnancy, the way it pushes you apart from the world and bonds you to people you’d never expect.

Some satyrs don’t build guitars or harps. Some satyrs build knives instead.

Arisyabet and Gahvrielo built knives. They live in the cloister and serve the satyr villages of the high mountain peaks as assassins, and they know that in order to keep living they must follow through on the death edicts the village elders hand down. The assassins themselves will be killed if they are no longer useful. For Arisyabet, the lines of her life are startlingly clear: do as asked and keep living. Protect the cloister to protect herself. But her best friend and lover, Gahvrielo, cannot bring himself to accept who and what he is.

An assassin’s life is not easy. Danger lurks around every corner, as much from within as from without. Arisyabet and Gahvrielo cling together, but their attempts to make sense of their lives drive them in opposite directions. Their story starts with an act of anguished brutality and unfolds layer by layer to explain how and why two people so devoted to one another wind up like they do.

ASSASSINS is a completed fantasy novella 27,000 words in length set in the richly imagined fantasy universe of Aerdh. ASSASSINS explores the idea of free will, of choice, and the moralities of what we do to survive.

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