ASSASSINS available for beta readers!

Some satyrs don’t build guitars or harps. Some satyrs build knives instead.

Arisyabet and Gahvrielo built knives. They live in the cloister and serve the satyr villages of the high mountain peaks as assassins, and they know that in order to keep living they must follow through on the death edicts the village elders hand down. The assassins themselves will be killed if they are no longer useful. For Arisyabet, the lines of her life are startlingly clear: do as asked and keep living. Protect the cloister to protect herself. But her best friend and lover, Gahvrielo, cannot bring himself to accept who and what he is.

An assassin’s life is not easy. Danger lurks around every corner, as much from within as from without. Arisyabet and Gahvrielo cling together, but their attempts to make sense of their lives drive them in opposite directions. Their story starts with an act of anguished brutality and unfolds layer by layer to explain how and why two people so devoted to one another wind up like they do.

ASSASSINS is a completed fantasy novella 27,000 words in length set in the richly imagined fantasy universe of Aerdh. ASSASSINS explore the idea of free will, of choice, and the moralities of what we do to survive.


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