ARIAH Update: Draft 2 is finished!

Exciting news! Last night I finished the rewrites on Ariah! I think this second draft came out very strong: much more focused than the first draft, much tighter. And when I say much tighter, I mean I shaved off 75,000 words from draft 1 to draft 2.

I am currently doing a quick and dirty read through to fix timeline issues, address notes I left earlier in the text of the fix-this-later variety, do basic copy editing, etc, but it will be available for any gracious soul who wants to be a beta reader soon!

To whet your appetite, here is a (rough) blurb for it:

Ariah is a man at the mercy of his magic: he is a shaper and a mimic. He feels what those around him feel, and he slips into other’s minds and voices so easily it is a struggle to remember who he is. His magical gifts are a constant struggle even as they are an indelible part of who he is.


When his teacher, Dirva, receives an unexpected visitor, Ariah’s magical training comes to a screeching halt. Ariah follows Dirva across borders to a city where there is no one to help him marshal his gifts, where the people around him draw from Ariah wants and needs he cannot acknowledge. In the City of Mages, Ariah meets Dirva’s brother, Sorcha, a man who will change Ariah’s life forever.


Ariah is a 128,000 word fantasy novel set in the richly realized Aerdhish universe. It is a story of a young man’s journey to reconcile his heart, his talents, and his beliefs with a world that is sometimes welcoming and sometimes hostile. It is a tale of love found in unexpected places and in unexpected ways.

If you are interested in reading this draft, or if you have any feedback at all which will help me improve my sorely lacking blurb writing skills, please leave a comment!

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