NaBloPoMo: “Warning: Kind of Extemporizing Here”

Writing a blog post every day is hard. I knew it would be. Just now, I was sitting here, laptop open, a blank page mocking me, so I asked my partner*, Jon, what I should write about. He threw out some topics.

“But I don’t really know anything about that.”

“Well, whatever. Just, like, put a warning up on your blog. Warning: Kind of extemporizing here.”

And as soon as he said it, it came to me that extemporizing is all I really do. I don’t feel like I know that much about any one thing. I know a little about lots of stuff, sure, but as I get older I’m beginning to think that life is less about collecting knowledge and more about the efforts we go through to get it. The learning, the application of it once we have it.

All my writing really is just me extemporizing. I’ve touched on this before, that speculative fictions draws me because I like the sandbox quality it has. I like the room to maneuver, to ask questions, to play what if. What if gender was constructed this way? What would it look like, what would it feel like? Let’s extemporize narrative style! Where would X come from? How does Y work? Let’s make some educated guesses!

I worked as a researcher, and that’s basically just a long involved process of extemporizing, too. Let’s run an experiment! Let’s build a survey! Which is to say, let’s try and find out! That particular breed of intellectual curiosity has certainly informed the way I write and what I write about.


*Jon’s not my only romantic partner, by the by. I’m sure you’ll meet Hunter in a later post. And I also have another partnerly co-parent, Sam, who lives with me and Jon and the kiddo.